Tokyo Rainbow Bridge Profiles

PhotographerAkira Takaue
Prize3rd Place in Architecture / Bridges
CompanyDr. Akira TAKAUE Photography
City/CountryYOKOHAMA, Japan
Photo Date2016 to 2017
Technical InfoD810
Entry Description

Rainbow Bridge is a symbolic bridge located at the entrance of Tokyo bay, constructed in 1993. Firstly I would like to present the presence of the contrast high rise buildings of Tokyo Bay and strong perspective view of long truss girder of Rainbow Bridge, reflecting sunshine and dynamically flowing clouds based on 5-min long exposure in order to emphasize the contrast from the abstracted sky and sea by the long-exposure. Additionally, I would like to present not only the close distance view based on strong perspective view but also Profile View in order to complete the series of this bridge because generally architect design bridge structures, they never forget to prepare the profile view prior to various detail figures and drawings. This combination, close distance view and profile panoramic view may complete the series of real bridge from the point of view of structurally and photographically.

About Photographer

Dr. Akira Takaue | Fine Art Photographer, Architect, International Bridge Engineer | Web: | Email: | Twitter: | Facebook: | Fortunately experiencing precious opportunities to visit various places around the world for business trip, in which actively would like to pursuit taking impressive worldwide scenery and modern architectures filled with emotional colors with delicate contrast and vibrant composition. My goal is rooted in both the logic of structural mechanics and material engineering as well as the finer artistic elements that make a building and its photograph successful. Especially being interested in conceptual architectural photography insistent on analytical composition and delicate contrast of structural materials.