Homeless people

PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrylyon, France
Photo Date2.2017
Technical InfoRICOH
Entry Description

February 2017, in winter, the temperature was below zero, I was walking in the street in france, and then I took these photos, they took their luggage down the street. I do not know how they spend each cold winter? -- le Février en 2017, en hiver , la température etait sous zéro environ, je me promenais dans la rue en france , et puis j'ai pris ces photos, ils ont pris leurs bagages dans la rue. Je ne sais pas comment passent-ils chaque hiver froid ?

About Photographer

Female, independent creative photographer and designer. Lives in France. Be good at shooting the photograph from the female’s perspective and vision. The variety of photographic styles are refreshing , cozy,gentle and elegant styles. If you have interest in my works, email Flower now.