The Wings of Intelligent Whirlwind

PhotographerYlenia Viola
Prize2nd Place in Advertising / Self-Promotion
City/CountryTorino, Italy
Photo DateMay, 2017
Entry Description

I came to the concept of these pictures a while ago, amazed to see how different and beautiful are the species of birds and how they master the space in different way and with different behaviors. So, using pictures I specifically made and combining common elements of fly, I represented the encounter of the Masters of the Sky; a tale of mutual respect, solidarity, friendship. An Angel and a giant Eagle, chasing each other, communicating with their trajectories, playing with the dying light of the day. An Angel, who decided to embrace the world and to make itself visible. Like a new, unique species of bird, Angel exchanged its being immortal with being part of the time, to learn secret languages, to to appreciate how difficult is falling and how slow and beautiful is growing to a new life. Love and surrender, becoming vulnerable will make it stronger.

About Photographer

I was born and raised in the Italian country near Torino, where I learnt the love for nature and light. It is there where I became what I am now. I am a daydreamer, fascinated on how light plays with the world around me and how everything changes during the daylight, in the dark of the night, or in studio. In photos I am often trying to represent a parallel universe, my universe, where the core part of my mind and heart reside. It is a world populated by creatures that are not humans, where the laws of physics are a bit loose, where time is almost a non-sense. In this universe I keep my dreams, my nightmares, it is where my alterego lives. And so the fairy tales, because they put us in connection with the other part of ourselves, the eternal one, in this parallel universe, the part that sometimes we try not to listen to, the part that provides us the hint of extraordinary. Fairy tales tell us that the impossible can become possible, the unachievable can become achievable and that magic and happiness can be reached.