PhotographerPuccinelli Alessandro
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAlessandro Puccinelli
City/CountryPisa, Italy
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoMultiple exposure in camera
Entry Description

Chaosmos is a project that expresses the moment when chaos becomes cosmos. The deep breathing of the sea, it’s apparent inevitability, becomes chaotic and unpredictable when seen as a mass of infinite molecules of water. The ocean’s seemingly regular breathing behaviour breaks down under turbulence and the classic perception of its movement gives way to a new and apparently more random series of visible outcomes. The "certainty" of reality foresakes its place and out of it bursts forth an expression of beauty and hidden complexity and sheer unpredictabilty which is the phenomena of a raging sea. In order to immerse myself in these instants, all similar but all different, I sought to incorporate into my work these concepts of unpredictability and I played with multiple exposures straight into the camera. The unpredictability of multiple exposure works Exactly as a chaotic system in which infinitesimal variations of the initial conditions should produce significant changes

About Photographer

Born in 1969, his earliest professional experience dates from 1993 when he moved to Australia , where he worked in advertising photography. Back in Italy, he started doing commercial photography using a "loose and free" style. In 2001, his first personal work "Quotidiano" won the Polaroid International Awards. Since then he decided to focalize his attention towards producing art using his greatest passion in life as my subject, "the sea". In the last years his works have been selected in some of the main and most prestigious photography awards including, Sony World Photography Awards, IPA Awards, Black & White Spider Awards, Critical Mass and Hasselblad Masters.