Land of Opportunity

PhotographerMark van Luyk
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDen Haag, Netherlands
Photo Date2013 - 2014
Entry Description

LAND OF OPPORTUNITY This series came into being as I travelled through Ethiopia. I was amazed by the people, their beauty and pride, as well as the landscape (both rough and pure). The country - with its inhabitants - truly felt like a land of opportunity to me. Commissioned by BrandOutLoud/ Netherlands Embassy Addis Ababa. © Mark van Luyk / BrandOutLoud

About Photographer

EXCELLING AT VISUALS I consider photography, film and design as tools to visualisation. A beautiful image, for instance, is not a goal in itself. What does it aim to achieve? Or communicate? In the end, every image has to carry a message while being a work of art in its own right. In everything I do, my starting point is a concept. Whether working with photography, film or design, I always interconnect these elements. They combine to constitute the ultimate visual experience – translating your story or message into great visual concepts. BRANDOUTLOUD While working with aid organisations, I noticed that the development sector has been under a lot of pressure. This is especially true of its image – and not surprisingly, given that NGOs have been using shocking images of misery as a means of communication over the past 60 years. This needs to change! This is why I am actively involved in BrandOutLoud as co-founder, art director and photographer. BrandOutLoud is a Dutch non-profit creative agency providing tailor-made branding and communication for social causes through the power of storytelling. At BrandOutLoud, we believe in showing the strength, resilience, beauty and, especially, the dignity of people being helped. We try to portray people in their own environment with hope and respect, and with the conviction that they are not only victims, but also potential catalysts for change.