The sons of Terpsichore | Aldenice

PhotographerSantiago Barreiro
Prize3rd Place in Moving Images / Moving Images
City/CountryMontevideo, Uruguay
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Entry Description

"The sons of Terpsichore" is a long term documentary project, container of several small stories. Stories of people who make of their lifes a unique masterpiece. Anonymously, dedicating their lives to dance. To begin this cycle of stories, I came to San Pablo (Brazil) where I met Aldenice (31), a beautiful ballet dancer. “Nice”, as her friends named her, is blind. She lost his sight because of congenital glaucoma, genetic oddity that equally affects her two older sisters too.

About Photographer

Uruguayan photographer devoted to investigate the world of the dance, working with dance matters both in a conceptual and documentary way. It started in photography in 2006 at the Foto Club Uruguayo? and immediately goes into labor activity as "Freelance photojournalist " for several institutions, publications and national and international print media. He has made several exhibitions, individual and community projects inside and outside the region.