Farfalla Nera - natura morta

PhotographerEBRU ERULKU
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDusseldorf, Germany
Photo Date2016
Technical Infoc-type print, 50x70 cm
Entry Description

I am presenting 5 from 8 images from my series: "Farfalla Nera- natura morta". // Another word for "stillife" natura morta is the word "natura morta". Translated word by word, it means: dead nature.// The idea to this series stemmed from the remained dry floral elements of my father's grave's decorative flower-bouquet (image: lily). But I wanted to compose a new setting adding some life again. A composition with elements that seem alive and dead at once. I chose the butterfly that is the symbol for "change, metamorphosis. new life". I chose artificial flowers that look real at first glance and I chose other elements/objects that are not used for a classical flower bouquet. I also like to exlore unfamiliar visual "space" . By this each image becomes also like a surreal abstract open narration. As open and unclear, the theme of life and death remain to us to understand.

About Photographer

Studies: Folkwang School of the Arts Essen/Germany & Royal college of Art London, working as visual artist