PhotographerMo Verlaan
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyDe Drie Gezusters
City/CountryAmsterdam, Netherlands
Photo Date31 May 2014
Technical InfoPotographic Collage
Entry Description

My fascination with light and luminance finds its expression in a series of images called Resonance. Using light in each frame, I try to aim, unravel, form, transform and distort its qualities within all layers until each image possesses a palpable intimacy for the viewer to make their own. This image Resonance #20140531 Lara, investigates the male/female balance in one person. My interest goes especially to the androgynous persons, their gender-fluidity makes them travel freely from male to female.

About Photographer

Biography Mo Verlaan After graduating from the Rietvelt Art Academy, Mo Verlaan (1963) started out in experimental theatre, creating sets on location as well as performing. Her love for travelling made her accept an offer to provide meals for the performance group The Female Factory as their touring schedule included Moscow. Afterwards Mo and two of her sisters founded the catering company ‘De Drie Gezusters’ (The Three Sisters) catering to national and international film and television crews, providing three-course meals on location from a converted truck. This took her all over the Netherlands, to France, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria and even to the remote Spitsbergen Islands. Only 7 years ago, Mo’s love for photography made her enter the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. She graduated in 2016 with a joint exhibition Unframed in the creative haven Roest and designed a steel triptych presenting four black and white prints especially for the location. At the same time she launched her first photography book called Resonance in which she explores the impermanence of light, the brief and fleeting beauty of landscapes, architecture and people. Her work is poetic, abstract and expressive. The series Resonance was chosen as a finalist for The Hariban Award 2016 (Kyoto, Japan) The series Resonance was selected for The Indian Photography Festival 2016 (Hyderabad, India) Winner Single Image at The 9th Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2016 Category: Architecture and Bridges (4th Berlin Foto Biennale, Germany) The book Resonance has been selected for The SCAN Photobooks 2016 Exhibition (Tarragona, Spain) Portfolio selected for publication in the NEW2017, 100 Best Emerging Dutch Photographers of the year. (This book is initiated by GUP Magazine, the Netherlands) Group exhibition at the 5&33 Gallery (Amsterdam, Netherlands) The book Resonance has been selected for The Royal Photographic Society Photobook Exhibition 2016 (London/Plymouth/Bradford, UK) Participant portfolio reviews at the C/O Berlin opening days of the European Month of Photography 2016 (Berlin, Germany) and at The Photographers’ Gallery and The Brighton Photo Biennial 2016 (UK) The book Resonance selected for The 7th Annual Photo Book Show at The Davis Orton Gallery (Hudson NY, USA and at The Griffin Museum of Photography 2016/2017 (Winchester MA, USA) The book Resonance exhibited at the Felifa Fola Feria de Libros de Autor for the Felifa Fola International Prize 2016 (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Several works from the series & the book Resonance take part in a group exhibition Editions from Dec 5 – Jan 29 2017 at The Tripp Gallery (London, UK) The series Resonance received 2 Honorable Mentions (Fine Art/Portfolio and Collage/Portrait) at the Tokyo International Foto Awards 2016 (Tokyo, Japan) Works from the series Resonance received 4 Honorable Mentions in the category Fine Art at The Monochrome Awards 2016 (USA) Pop Up group exhibition with the Gallery How it stARTs at the Grand Central Station Utrecht (Netherlands) Exhibition Solo in Dos from May 21-June 24 2017 at Restaurant DuendeDos (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Pop Up group exhibition from June 6- August 30 2017 with the Gallery How it stARTs at the Snorfabriek (Utrecht, Netherlands)