Painted Florals

PhotographerDavid Bishop
Prize3rd Place in Nature / Flowers
CompanyDavid Bishop Inc.
City/CountryNew York, United States
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoDye Sublimation Metal prints
Entry Description

My current series of "Painted Florals" shows a strong affinity for both baroque and contemporary art that reflects my pursuit of the 17th century Dutch masters deep understanding of the sensitivity and power of light. This has resulted in a unique lighting style, in part, created through the use of many personally fabricated lights that assist in optically enhancing the viewer's sense of three-dimensional depth perception. Separating highlight from shadow, and transmitted and reflected light, these hand-crafted lights produce beautifully hypnotic imagery. The complex play of color, texture, and depth is further augmented with the incorporation of my hand painted subjects and backgrounds, in order to blend two mediums together creating an illusion of a new reality within the photographic moment. All work seen here has been completed in my TriBeca studio between 2016 and 2017.

About Photographer

Over 40 years, I developed a photographic lighting method designed to bring two dimensional images ever closer to three D. This quadrant-based lighting method employs lights customized to selectively build texture and dimension, while directing the viewers attention to the most tactile elements. My most current Floral project is comprised of photographs, created along with painted mixed media components. ?Why flowers?? They enhance our memories, strengthen our will to survive and remind us of our priorities all while inspiring our creativity. They are all those things and universally beloved.