PhotographerAngela K. Godoy
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDiamond Bar, United States
Photo DateMay, 2017
Entry Description

The exhausting misconception of societal standards on the female body has created a false perception of beauty. Questioning boundaries of sexual orientation and what is deemed masculine versus feminine. Each form explores the concept of female strength by stripping away clothing, objects, and color focusing only on the skin and muscular tone. Through positions and graceful movements held by the forms, the body is fractured into multiple segments, isolating muscular components. Evoking the question, what do we see as beautiful and how we in society are defining beauty. 

About Photographer

I am an Orange County and Los Angeles based multidisciplinary artist with an educational background in architecture, graphic design and photography. My passion in design allows for experimentation and inventions of the physical photograph. Utilizing digital as well as analog photography I guide my viewers to look past the obvious, creating close observation and engagement of the subject to expose its true unique self.