PhotographerNancy Lin
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This series is my inner thoughts, and I want to express it by photos. Human beings are different, but actually we are not that different- we somethings share the same feelings like "unknown destiny" "love" “repetition of life” ”fear to death"…etc. "lullaby" is a poem writteh by Louise Gluck, which is a very elegant one and deeply touch my heart. The poem exactly represent what I think about life, so I want to have resonance with it. Here is part of it : Time to rest now;you have had Enough excitement for the time being....... I've sung to you long enough in the summer night.I'll win you over in the end;the world can't give you this sustained vision. You must be taught to love me.Human beings must be taught to love silence and darkness.

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