What Looks Back

PhotographerJacob Moffett
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryHouston, United States
Photo Date2-12-17
Technical InfoSilver Gelatin Prints
Entry Description

Instinctually, we all begin with fear of the dark, of the unknown. There is always something lurking just beyond light's reach that unsettles human imagination. The author H.P. Lovecraft explored and exploited these fears, depicting the utter uselessness of humanity against old, unknown, evils. These themes have repeated themselves throughout history. Humans have always feared the unknown, but even more, the unseen. What is worse is that at the root of what we fear most, is our own imaginations. This series explores what is looking back, out of the darkness, out of the periphery, out of our own imaginations, and telling us what it sees.