PhotographerDave Moser
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyDave Moser Photography
City/CountryPhiladelphia, United States
Photo Date2016-2017
Entry Description

I have wanted to photograph certain people I've crossed paths with over the years and have been putting these “subjects" in a mental folder. Late last year, I began to document their stories and it's been fascinating to see how these people and their stories emerge from the images. 1: John, a car detailer, has been working out of a rented garage in North Philly for over 30 years. 2: Beth lives with her son in a small barn in the backyard of their former house and adjusts to her much smaller space. 3: After clearing out all 9000 sqft of his two-decade old bike shop, Curtis moves forward. 4: Patricia left her husband of almost 24 years and moved from their home into a small studio, losing 70 pounds over the course of 9 months. 5: Michael contemplates his next move as CEO of his investment advisory firm.