PhotographerChristos J. Palios
Prize2nd Place in Fine Art / Still Life
City/CountryBaltimore, United States
Photo Date2014-Ongoing
Technical InfoArchival Pigment Edition Print
Entry Description

Food provides social and nutritional sustenance and communicates status in entertainment. A shared meal can designate cultural implications, offer windows into tradition, and speaks to identities. In this series I explore how portable electronic devices have swiftly secured their presence as permanent fixtures in daily life. Paradoxically, although on the surface the distracting pull of our devices can seem disconcerting, they don’t entirely impede our ability to genuinely be in the moment. As tools, they serve to reinforce our conversations and augment our approach to shared experiences. In tandem to a celebration of culture and food, the ideas of consumerism and waste also take shape throughout the compositions. This series represents my intrigue with this sociocultural phenomenon and these moments are captured with family, friends, and acquaintances in Greece and in America.