Pleasure Is Not A Sin

PhotographerUgo Galassi
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAlessandria, Italy
Entry Description

The history of the most important love of our life. The revelation of ourselves through the discovery of our body and of our intimacy. Pleasure is never sin and this is "The Pleasure" to please others and above all to please ourselves. The female body is simply the matter on which are transferred emotions, anxieties and passions. The images are the sheet music for a symphony: arches hugging, tribal percussion that make us gasp, bass strings stimulating the soul A rhythm of gestures, sounds, light and dark that mark the delicate movements of erotic caresses, a sublime pleasure of the senses that leads us to admire a lunar landscape through natural folds of a body that plays the music of passion.

About Photographer

Computer Science researcher and photographer from Italy Honorable mention - International Photographer of The Year 2016 - fine art: nudes (amateur) Honorable mention - Fine Art Photography Awards 2017 - fine art: (amateur) 2nd Place - Moscow International Foto Awards - Editorial-sports (amateur)