The San Remo

PhotographerEdi Chen
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBrooklyn, United States
Photo DateMarch 11, 2016
Technical InfoLong exposure
Entry Description

All things exist and obey balance and New York City is no exception. We deliberately build symmetrical buildings and objects in pursuit of visual balance. At the same time, all forms of life that live in this city are both active and passive, quiet and restless, harmonious, opposite, past and future. We are influenced and affected by this city and are trying to build the balance we are searching for and in doing so have become part of it. We all share this city and its future.

About Photographer

I am passionate about photographing symmetrical images, particularly in architecture, and love to capture that which catches not only my eye but my soul. The best way for me to express this dreamlike, surreal and abstract world was by using black and white photography. I created this portfolio by capturing the impressive and serene details of historical landmarks and unique urban buildings in my daily, year long quest for this one of a kind collection.