Honorable Mention

Nowhere Island

  • Photographer
    Hashem Shakeri
  • Company/Studio
  • Date of Photograph
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The Kish island is the only free trade zone in Iran and people who travel there think they can make up for the freedom they never had before; however, this dream is no more than an illusion because the island is brimmed with meaninglessness and absurdity. Owing to less governmental restrictions, Iranian tourists consider the island as a haven for releasing their tensions and energy; besides, the government has set restricting visa laws for traveling overseas, which encourages native tourists to choose the Kish island more than before. The photographer was there in April 2016 and he tried his best in depicting a kind of absurdity which he felt existed there among lots of people who came to visit the island for a vacation with an illusive dream of freedom in a free trade zone in Iran.

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