Rusty & The Bridal Gown

PhotographerSameer Walzade
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanySam & Ekta
City/CountryMumbai, India
Photo Date17 June 2017
Technical Info35mm, 1/100s, F13, OCF
Entry Description

The bridal suite on the Seattle waterfront had mirrors which made for an interesting composition. The bride's pup, Rusty (a rescue who she and the groom adopted a couple of months ago) walked into the frame unexpectedly, making it much more interesting and meaningful than I had in mind. I always look for these unexpected dynamic elements which have the potential to elevate photographs.

About Photographer

Sameer is one half of Sam & Ekta, a husband-wife wedding photographer duo. His work in weddings and street photography won honourable mention at IPA 2016 in multiple categories. In addition to this, his work has been selected for National Geographic Daily Dozen and published in magazine features of APF (Art Photo Feature, Top 100 of 2016), a renown street photography e-magazine, and one of the largest street photography groups on Facebook.