Photographergustavo romeiro
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countryrio de janeiro, Brazil
Photo Datemay 2017
Technical InfoCanon 6d, 16-35L f4, no edits
Entry Description

"Poezja" in polish means poetry, and that word has it's direct meaning of literary work in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm and something regarded as comparable to poetry in its beauty Definition). Some times a poet is able to resignify an word meaning by the way he use it and metaphorically this is exactly my aim with this images, to resignify poetically these hard concrete shapes that are spread allover human architecture. These images were all made in Poland during the month of May of 2017. This justify why I am using polish words to name the series. All images have names and their names from the first to the last are: 1 “poezja" - poetry; 2 “rozpęd” - momentum; 3 “śnić” - dream; 4 “skorupa” - shell; 5 “drzwi” - door My images has no edits and no postproduction.

About Photographer

A dreamlike aesthetic is what I chasing and I use photography, sculptures and street art to express myself. The aim is to show a little from the way I see the world, I see cities and buildings as live beings and by that I put in question the real meaning of the expression: “being alive”. The photographic images I produce are always in black and white and they don't pass through any kind of edits or post productions, in other words, they are pure In the streets I sign as "gscr" Titles: First place at the International Photography Awards IPA 2016 category: Non-Professional: Architecture, Other Suggested artist by Instagram at 2015 Collective Exhibitions: Open Call - Cavalo art gallery - 2016 Morar Mais por menos - 2016 Desenho como matriz - 2016 Pérolas do Calouste - 2016 Second Hand - 2015 Help Us - 2015 Apezinho - 2014 based in rio de janeiro brazil g s c r ▲▾▴ ► a f b r c d s n h s t h d r m s f c t r y