Urban Territories

Photographerandrea alkalay
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrybuenos aires, Argentina
Photo Date2016
Technical Infodigital photo direct shot
Entry Description

The appearance of gated communities on the outskirts of the Buenos Aires constitutes an urban phenomenon of great relevance. I photograph their walls as geographic landforms. Frontiers that separate private properties and ranks of neighbours that roughly alter the rules radically. From which side I stand, the way of perceiving the world changes through a play of realities between walls. While walking through the outside it feels the quiet violence of the inflicted boundary, considering not only the causes that gave origin to it, but also the consequences in terms of the social fabric, and I wonder how far we are prisoners of our beliefs. I remark the interaction between the wall and the context through a mirror that reflects what remains "outside", searching for an interpretation that goes beyond what we behold. The mirror contains the other dimension, which the wall conceals.

About Photographer

I was born in Buenos Aires in 1965. After 15 years of jobs in the design field, I decided to follow my way as a contemporary photographer. My traveling experience through hidden locations inspires my passion in carving roads into the encounter between art and life. I use photography as a tool for storytelling, while journeying through Asia, Africa, America and Europe. . I was trained in clinics and workshops. In 2015 was selected for the curatorial program of Casa Florida Gallery. During this year 2017 my series ¨Territorios Urbanos¨ received a bronze award in One Eyeland Award and my series ¨Borders¨ was selected at the Visual Arts Contest of of the Cultural San Martin of Buenos Aires. Both essays are observations of dividing boundaries, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. I am interested in associating universal themes from a daily look . My work in Patagonia was finalist in Hamptons Art Hub, Art Inspired by Water, USA (2016). Mentioned at HavanaTimes.org with a Photograph in Cuba (2016). And selected at Festival of Light 2014, exhibited in Galería Arcuri , Buenos Aires- In 2016 I self published ‘Uncertain nature’ photobook, as a result of my experiences during my travels which is part of The Library Proyect- at PhotoIreland.org and The Maharana Mewar Library in Udaipur. I like to think that my approach to photography is a state of learning and I talk about what happens to me with what I see. Live and work in Buenos Aires.