Eagle hunters

PhotographerMartin Patricio Barrios
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyFacultad de Bellas Artes, Universidad Nacional de La Plata
City/CountryLa Plata, Argentina
Photo Dateoctober 2016
Entry Description

In East Mongolia, every year the Golden Eagle Festival is celebrated. The Kazakh hunters show their skill and their relationship with the eagles.

About Photographer

Martin Patricio Barrios is “El Marto”. He was born close to Rio de la Plata. He draw, painted, took pictures; he grilled beef, pork, not fish. He lied. He went to and fro and a little further; to the Gimnasia stadium and others. Whererever there was sea. Professor at four universities, researcher, not a pilot. He wanted to be a pilot and he still wants to. He showed a difficulty to be part of and a facility to walk on the edge. He had dogs. He had vertigo. He watered plants. He lost arguments and umbrellas. He has lost every street fight in the last 25 years. He won little and nothing at all. He worked less. He looked out of the window and had a little whisky with no ice in a tequila glass. He stopped believing in drawing, in architecture, in the importance of certain things. He stopped smoking sorrowfully and with nostalgia of an ox. He misses smoking. He misses the wind of the river and climbing to a plane that goes anywhere. He misses smoking on the plane, smoking in a bar, in the morning while he prepares mate. He misses smoking. He loves Czech pencils, German pens, Finnish watches, red shoes, red glasses, his touch screen cell phone, looking at the maps, talking too much, listening too little. He was forced to argue with waiters and call centre operators, and to lie to taxi drivers. He preferred not to wear socks or use pillows and to hate perfumes. He does not understand movies. He still believes that a good letter ends like this: “I hope you have the best moon, the best earth, the best peace. I am Martin.”