Painterly Photography

PhotographerLeslie Ebert
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyLeslie Ebert Visual Art Studio
City/CountryPortland, United States
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoMacro digital photography
Entry Description

I have arrived at photography from a background in design and many years as a studio artist creating two-dimensional visual art. I was working with paper collage, acrylic painting, and monotype mostly and continue to be drawn to the color fields of the Abstract Expressionist and the playfulness of Lyrical Abstraction. When a growing interest in metaphysics spilled into my artwork, bringing me to my current aim to depict the physical characteristic of light as subject. I begin using my camera to chase down light rays, reflections, and shadows, in the world around me. At first as information for paintings. As I became more curious at looking into the details around me, I began using a digital macro, and my photographs evolved into the painterly works you see here. Now I work exclusively with macro photography, to reveal the interplay of light on surface and atmosphere using every day objects.