3rd Place / Fine Art / Other_FA

Question Dreams Change Memories

  • Photographer
    Simon McCool
  • Date of Photograph

Question Dreams Change Memories explores the transition into adulthood, which, whether gradual or abrupt, is irreversible. The secure, suburban environment that hedged my childhood vision of the American Dream has now revealed its limitations. Now, when I return to my childhood home, I observe a metamorphosis of memories into myths. I am more attuned to fear in my parents’ voices, and bear witness to their increasingly fragile bodies. I hope to discover how ephemerality enlightens or undermines my experience of the people and places I love. Many images from this series find the battle between significance and ephemerality at an impasse. The lake where I fished as a child in the summer and played on the ice in the winter has receded, and now lies dirty and stagnant. Yet, a glimmer remains; a gateway to a former self who has always lived in dreams.

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