Double Identity

PhotographerElisabeth Caren
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyElisabeth Caren Photography
City/CountrySanta Monica, United States
Photo DateApril 2016
Entry Description

Inspired by the Film Noir genre and the archetypical characters with rigidly defined and gender roles and sexual identity, orientation, and relationships, Double Identity examines realities of that were excluded from these films. The leading female character was limited to the femme fatale, who uses her sexual attractiveness and cunning to manipulate men as it’s her only option to gain power and independence, and the conventional devoted wife and mother, typically portrayed as dull. The leading men in Film Noir are either a "tough guy" who cannot show emotion or the socially alienated man who is usually thrust into a confusing situation where he is vulnerable, especially when encountering the femme fatale. In this imagined plot line, there is a double deception of each couple; the "other woman" and the "other man" are not who the audience assumes. Shot in the style of classic film stills.

About Photographer

Elisabeth Caren is a Los Angeles-based photographer specializing in celebrity portraiture, entertainment photography and fine-art photography. Her lifetime experience in theatre and film heavily influence her work, which has been described as classic and cinematic.