Fergie Dreams

PhotographerJamie Piper
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyCowbelly Photography
City/CountrySan Diego, United States
Photo Date5/27/17
Technical InfoNikon D810, 35mm 1.4
Entry Description

Fergie Dreams is a personal project- a series of images of my dog, inspired by the visuals in the Netflix show Bloodline. When I dream of my best furry friend, these are the visuals that swim through my head: soft, pretty, ethereal, magical.

About Photographer

Jamie Piper is a San Diego commercial animal photographer who specializes in joyful, engaging dog and cat imagery for commercial and editorial clients. Jamie helps get clients get away from the typical 'stock-y' commercial look, creating intimate, familiar images that help her client's customers fall in love with whatever product or service they are selling, in whatever form or media they are selling it in. Jamie's client list includes dog food companies, magazines, publishers and pet-friendly hotels, although she will shoot for anyone or anything, as long as a dog or cat is involved.