Giant Babies on the Nation

PhotographerJiawei Zhao
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBrooklyn, United States
Photo Date04/2017
Entry Description

Inspired by a psychologist who believe most of Chinese adults have a psychological age under one year old and integrated with my personal experience. China has more than two thousand years’ history of the imperial system cohered with Confucianism, and then the inherent tradition confronted with communism has resulted in social chaos. Many Chinese people have a dream of becoming the Emperor, and he or she would like rest of people submit to and serve him and her. Especially, male Chinese have a radical desire to be the emperor, so he can have many girls and wives. The giant baby thought the whole world is mine, and I can do whatever to other people and things. China has a long history related to emphasize on relationships or Guanxi, and the country despise laws and order. Therefore, I spitted out milk on emergency cars. Also, I “floated” on the tabletop metaphorizes fickleness and self-willed personality came from most adults. .