Japanese Shrines in Infrared

PhotographerR. Brad Knipstein
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyRobert Bradley Photography
City/Countrysan francisco, Afghanistan
Photo Date6/27/17
Technical InfoSigma Quattro H Infrared
Entry Description

Infrared captures of Japanese shrines in Chiba, Japan.

About Photographer

Brad Knipstein was exposed to photography at an early age through his father's hobby. During high school, he assisted his photo teachers and was already selling prints of his work. After high school, he attended Rochester Institute of Technology where he earned his bachelors degree in photo illustration. Brad spent his time at R.I.T exploring photography and producing a large and varied body of work. Some highlights of his time there include a series of 8x10 inch platinum prints and the unique opportunity to shoot with the Polaroid 20x24 inch view camera. Since then, Brad has been fascinated by the potential of digital image making as well as continuing to work with traditional processes. Brad currently lives and works in San Francisco.