Thousand leaves

PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryChiba, Japan
Entry Description

Of the four seasons in Japan, autumn sees the leaves on the trees create a multicolored world. The moment the rays of the morning sun cross the mountain ridgeline, the leaves scatter the light in complex ways, and where they land is enveloped in the magic of thousands of colors.

About Photographer

Kensuke Suzuki (nature photographer, resident of Japan) I took an interest in mountain climbing in my teens and spent all my time climbing mountains in Japan and abroad. I also put a camera in my climbing sack and began taking photos as a record. The real world of life and death I faced on the mountains had a big influence on my subsequent photography. I now base myself in themes of mountains and nature, and spend my days clicking the shutter in the hope of filling my photographs with the colors of that fleeting, beautiful, precious light that connects nature and people.