PhotographerFlorian W. Mueller
Prize3rd Place in Nature / Seasons
City/CountryCologne, Germany
Photo Date2015
Entry Description

A calm forest in the Eifel, nature reserve, in winter.

About Photographer

In times of an endless flood of images and greed for perfection I see the necessity to look into an entirely different direction: The images is not enough, it is the abstraction and the individual view of the beholder, together they reach into and below the surface of customary patterns of conception. In this case abstraction is focused on the reduction to certain facts, forms and objects but not as an experience of pure non-objectivity. The imagination of the viewer supplements what is absent; what thematically is not dissolved receives, an invisible layer through the observer. The combination of visual perception and communication is one of my incitements in finding new motives and conceptions for photographs. A picture hast o tell a story or a picture hast to build a story in the beholders mind. In a world, that is powered by „faster, higher, further“, I see a progress in pausing. To create pictures and visual spaces wich invite the observer to dwell, to linger, almost to contemplate, are my objectives. EXHIBITIONS 97.2013 - 09.2013 New York "The Story of the Creative" 09.2013 Sustenuto, Bruxelles Single-Exhibition “Transitus Essence” 05.2013 efunktion, Köln Group-Exhibition “Zaghafte Konsequenz” 08.2009 – 11.2009 Provence, Cologne Single-Exhibition “Stairs”