CompanyHagop Vaneisan Photography
PhotographerHagop Vanesian
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Children curiously standing and watching their next building's collapsed balconies shelled by rockets.

About Photographer

Hagop Vanesian born and grew up in Aleppo, Syria. Graduated from KAREN JEPPE Armenian College, mastered craft of silversmithing and designing as third generation silversmith. Vanesian started a career in photography in 1999 as documentary photographer. The complicated mosaic of the Middle East was his focal point as photographer. Documenting historical city of Aleppo and following social and cultural life and he worked on many projects, also worked as advertising photographer. In 2012 Vanesian has devoted himself to documenting the war in Syria, when photographing in front lines in Aleppo city, he was an eyewitness of the destruction of his birthplace. In 2013 he Worked as volunteer photographer with( SARC ) Syrian Arab Red Crescent for more than one year, in refugee center dispensary and medical dispensary camp also in 2013-2014 dealt with ( ICRC ) International Committee of the Red Cross, his photographs published in ICRC-ies magazine and their official website. AGBU NEW YORK central office was one of the non-profit organizations which he worked with them, photographing the humanitarian situation in Aleppo city , the photographs published in AGBU magazine in FEB 2016. 2015 Hagop Vanesian was awarded in the International Photography Awards (IPA) Competition with Honorable Mention in Home - Place category for the winning entry "My Memories Behind the Wall.." In 2016 International Photography Awards (IPA) was awarded Hagop Vanesian in the Competition with Honorable Mention in three categories 1-Editorial - War/Conflict for the winning entry Where the parks have been turned into cemeteries. 2- Children for the winning entry Childhood. 3-Children for the winning entry Frontline Children. In 2016 his war photographs published in the book by Harvard University Professor Mark Tomass,"THE RELIGIOUS ROOTS OF THE SYRIAN CONFLICT". He Participated in many collective exhibitions and he has had solo exhibitions, at Le Pont Gallery and AGBU center in Aleppo Syria-  Opera house in Damascus, Syria- In 2015  at UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS New York and in 2016 Adana Turkey "Yasar kemal cultural center"- The State Museum of Oriental Art Moscow, Russia- The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia- The Central Naval Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2017 Moscow International Photography awards (MIFA) awarded Hagop Vanesian in the competition with Honorable Mention in two categories,1-Editorial - War/Conflict for the winning entry "Determination to Survive". 2- People-Children category for the winning entry "Imitating" “War” where or when all beautiful things disappear. “War” where or when the word humanity no longer has any meaning. -Hagop Vanesian-