Syria Street

PhotographerBrandon Tauszik
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanySprinkle Lab
City/CountryOakland, United States
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoSeries of GIF images & website
Entry Description

Syria Street ( is a GIF-based editorial experience commissioned from the International Committee of the Red Cross. The project was produced in Tripoli, Lebanon. Through GIFs, text and sound the Syria Street documents the tensions between two adjacent neighborhoods, one Sunni Muslim, the other Alawite Muslim, aligned as they are with different sides in the Syrian civil war. They have engaged each other in close combat, suicide bombings and tit-for-tat attacks. Ironically, the two sects are separated by a street named after the war torn country only a forty minute drive away. Instead of using static images, the project showcases beautiful GIF images, sourced from slow motion video and displayed on seamless loop. Brandon Tauszik has pioneered this medium as an inventive way of displaying images on the internet. Syria Street received reviews from VICE, Al Jazeera, MediaPart, Featureshoot, and many more. Please view to view the project properly.

About Photographer

Originally from northern England, Brandon Tauszik is a documentary artist currently residing in Oakland, California. Working in the studio of Magnum photographer Jim Goldberg for years, Tauszik absorbed the intensely obsessive yet playful nature associated with Goldberg’s work, subsequently refining his own visual approach in terms of rethinking genre norms. Tauszik’s most recent works have incorporated the largely unexplored medium of GIF, forming a delicate hybrid between the still and moving image. Tapered Throne (2015), Tauszik's GIF-based portrait of Oakland’s black barbers, was the first of it’s kind to incorporate live-action GIFs in the documentary art space. The project received reviews from Slate, Medium, TIME and more. It was exhibited at SOMArts in San Francisco and Archive Gallery in London. Tauszik’s work melds a penchant for experimental process with the examination of human praxis.