Utah's Mighty Five.

PhotographerDolly Kabaria
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAlternative Photography
City/CountryPune, India
Photo DateNov 21 2016
Entry Description

Series of Utah's Mighty Five National Parks. 1. Bryce National Park 2. Arches National Park 3. Zion National Park 4. Canyonland National Park 5. Capitol Reef National Park

About Photographer

An engineer, former IT professional, traveler, and always a photographer. Dolly?s encounter with art began with colors before progressing to photography. Since graduating from the Light and Life Academy, she has earned numerous international juried awards, published in print, and translated her photography to lifestyle and home accessories. Based in Pune, Dolly has been photographing interior-architecture, industrial, and products for nearly a decade. Her bold perception speaks through macro photography, panoramic views, and 360-degree virtual tours. www.studioalternatives.com