Krzyżtopór Palace

PhotographerGrzegorz Wójcik
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryKraków, Poland
Entry Description

Architectural style: Polish Mannerism-early Baroque Construction started: 1621 Completed: ca. 1644 Client: Krzysztof Ossoliński Architect: Wawrzyniec Senes Ujazd, Poland

About Photographer

Grzegorz Wójcik born in 1979 is a freelance Polish photographer. Recently devoted to long-term photojournalism projects which focus on human relations. His photographic works have been published in the local press and on national TV as well. He is also an award-winning photographer holding medals of Prix De La Photographie Paris, Moscow International Foto Awards and Tokyo International Foto Awards. @roadtophotographycom