'A Perfect World'

  • Photographer
    Annemarie Cilon
  • Company/Studios
    Annemarie Cilon
  • Date of Photograph
    june 2017
  • Technical Info
    serie of 4 photo's

‘Young, ambitious, and continuously looking for positive incentives. Routines are a bore and no day is the same. That’s why you choose to here, a unique hotspot. This is where life really begins.’ These texts give information about the new construction projects in the business district Zuidas-Amsterdam. The photos are made at the edge of the building site. The tarpaulin shows the artist impressions of the newly built apartments. These photos are images of ‘real’ people who are ‘living’ in a computer 3D impression. What is a dream and what is a reality? Is it possible to create a perfect world?

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