Strategies to defend myself from me

PhotographerGabriel de Camino
Prize1st Place in Fine Art / Portrait
CompanyUniversidad Veritas
University/SchoolEscuela de Fotografia , Universidad Veritas
City/CountrySan Jose, Costa Rica
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoDigital photography
Entry Description

“Estrategias para defenderme de mí” is a series of portraits that reflects, my desire to be like my brother in every possible way. I felt my brother was strong, good looking, smart , thoughtful, athletic, etc. Thus that desire led me to feel rejected by any social group and every person including myself, because I saw myself as a weak, one-eye-blind, insecure person. Later in my life and when beginning my studies on photography, I started to realize that my brother’s love was the strongest and purest that I could have ever received. This fact made me think about my self worth, love and some other good qualities I can see in the others. All this reflexion made me realize that all the good feelings and attributes I see in others I photograph are my own and within myself. I photographed 14 people and a self-portrait as swimmers to represent my brother’s love for swimming.

About Photographer

The Veritas School of Photography was born in the year 2000. It's the only one in Central America that offers a university degree in this specialty. It's philosophy is to educate our students as individuals with strong technical and intellectual skills in the area of photography; an individual capable of producing photographic artwork with a strong conceptual foundation and a distinctive personal approach.