did i shot you or did you shot me

PhotographerSalomé-Charlotte Camors
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrytoulouse, France
Photo Date2016
Entry Description

I never do portrait, i stole moment like a thief, sometime like a hunter. I don't like when consciousness alterate the beauty of spontaneity. We were hiking in pyrenean mountain with a friend, this girl. She was sitted in front of a pitfall, looking forward to the valley. I was shooting landscape when i decided to came back silently and wait for her to turn back after me. i waited, and when she finally turned, she looked directly at me, like if she knew i was waiting for her. and this time, the hunter became the pray

About Photographer

Raised on fun fairs through Europe? with parents owning a haunted mansion, Salom?-Charlotte is familiar to travels and cross-cultural environment. After a master's degree from Panth?on-Sorbonne in economy, and a short period as a DJ in Paris, she had decided to start her own business and run it during 5 years before to sell everything and go back to university for studying Arts. Deeply involved in social and environmental issues her research are oriented on interactions between artists-productions-environment-viewers.