Scenic View - Monument Valley

PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyIndependent Photographer
City/CountrySantiago, Chile
Photo Date2017-05-24
Technical InfoCanon 5D MKIII - 34 Image Pano
Entry Description

It was very early in the morning, around 4:45 when I started shooting the first captures at Monument Valley. I continued shooting until 7:30 and composed this wonderful image that describes the scene and the magic of being in such a beautiful place. Everything was calm and quiet and the only sound I could hear was the action of the mirror on my camera. When I had all my images I knew this was going to be a perfect scene and couldn’t wait to get home and process all the 34 images that make this HDR panorama. I really love this image, rich in detail and light with a magical mood that shows the magnificent landscapes of our planet and the amazing planet in with we live.

About Photographer

Professional Advertising and Nature Photography. I love photography in all its variants.