PhotographerJunita Stroh
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJunita Stroh Photography
City/CountryJohannesburg, South Africa
Photo DateMarch & June
Technical InfoNikon D750 70-200 lens
Entry Description

Night photography at weddings I did in March and in June 2017. I love taking my couple for some night photography. I used the Prophoto B1 for the first 3 photos and the Nikon 910 speed light for the last two. My first wedding that I did on my own was October 2016. Before that I was a 2nd shooter for a very well known wedding photographer at 3 weddings that he did before I did my very own solo wedding in October 2016. I am very proud of the way I have grown as a photographer in the last year.

About Photographer

Finding the beauty around me is why I love photography. To capture a moment that is unexpected and vulnerable. I had the opportunity to assist another photographer at 3 weddings last year before I did my first solo wedding October 2016 The excitement of the bride, the awe and tears in the grooms eye and the emotion of the brides dad when they see her in her dress. The beauty of landscapes, the power of the sea, the majestic brilliance of a mountain, and the story on a face and the sheer stealth in a lions stare. This is why I love photography and to capture these type of moments!