The Urge for Breeding

PhotographerVishwatej Pawar
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPune, India
Photo Date19/5/2015
Entry Description

A part of the courtship performed by Fan-throated Lizards, are males showing off to the females their extremely colourful throat patches by fanning them. This male got pumped up and started showing off its fan in full glory when a rival male came nearby and started displaying to a female in his territory. Location - Pune, Maharashtra, India

About Photographer

"Vishwatej Pawar is a 21 year old Nature Photographer from Pune city, India. He is primarily interested in birdwatching & also is keen to help in conserving wildlife. He actively does presentations related to wildlife and ethics of nature photography for schools, colleges & various other organisations with a prime motive of spreading awareness about the importance of ignored Indian habitats and wildlife such as Indian Wolves and Grasslands which really need protection from us in order to help maintain balance in the ecosystem. He also regularly contributes his photographs to the forest department which are used for conservation purposes. He is part of a team called WolfGang, from Pune who are currently doing a Wolf Conservation project functioning in association with Maharashtra Forest Department, Pune Division and Wildlife Institute of India. You can follow Vishwatej(Vishi) on - Facebook - Instagram - vishwatejrpawar Snapchat - vishi170807 ".