Blood Education

Prize3rd Place in Editorial / War/Conflict
City/CountryTAIPING, Malaysia
Photo Date22/05/2016
Entry Description

'Blood is my new education', said the 9 years-old Saaif, whom lose his parents in bombing raid (Rashidin,Syria 2016). He got no where to go, but to escape each and every raid.The civil war in Syria continues taking and destroying lives.Civilians have been killed by crossfire, improvised explosive devices, assassination, bombing, and night raids and left abandoned to roadsides or dumping sites.

About Photographer

I'm a pharmacy student whom loves to find interactive ways to capture world inside out. Photography has always been my passion and will continue to be. Being an extrovert, issues about war and conflicts or any colossal issues which breaks apart one's unity has always been my focus and it's my job to aware the outside world on the deepest hidden meaning through each capture.