PhotographerHeinz Innerhofer
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyInnerhofer Heinz
City/CountrySt. Lorenzen, Italy
Photo Date2016
Technical Infodigital
Entry Description

I try to view things as if I were seeing them for the first time, to discover previously unnoticed aspects of them. This takes some time, dedication and openness to what is new. It is, in essence, about forgetting, casting aside habitual ways of seeing. This approach is not always successful. Sometimes it is easier to fall back on what we already know than to cast it aside in order to learn something new.

About Photographer

Heinz Innerhofer *1964 Studied at the film school "Zelig School for Documentary Films" in Bozen. A series of periods abroad followed, as an assistant cameraman for various documentary films for the ORF, ZDF, SRF and RAI, before returning to South Tyrol and completing a 3-year course as a bookbinder. By coincidence I came to Munich, where I worked as a photographic assistant for a few years. I started independent work as a photographic and graphic designer in 2001 and in 2010 I completed a 5-semester course in artistic and representative photography at the Austrian "Prager Fotoschule", with distinction. Today I live and work as a freelance photographer in St.Lorenzen (South Tyrol).