PhotographerJin Luo
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyHohai University
City/CountryNanjing, China
Photo Date2010-2013
Technical Infoolympus EP1 + Leica M 1:2.8/35
Entry Description

The true art originates life and daily details and accumulations. All your knowledge and your understanding about life just wait for the moment when you catch a flash of genius. These are the full significance of photography. One shall capture the perfect moment by taking advantages of your foresight, aesthetic judgment, courage, agility and skills. In the process, treat camera as the weapon, feet as the mount and conception as the comprehension of art and life. One shall always bear in mind that art exists in every detail of life instead of being created by you. You can only discover and record art by summoning the camera, step forward and fly your dreams. For your artistic pursuit, you shall patiently polish precise mould as a skillful turner, perfectly use lancet as an excellent surgeon and choose the true star from a large number of soldiers as a talent scout.

About Photographer

With the native place in Wangcheng of Hunan province, Luojin was born in Jinyun of Zhejiang province in 1973. That is also the origin of his given name. He spent his childhood in Jingdezhen of Jiangxi province. Luojin firstly went to Nanjing when he was admitted to Hohai University at the age of 17. After graduation, he was elected to teach in the university. He has earned the doctor’s degree in Engineering and quality of master tutor since then. Luojin pursues photographic art in his spare time. Luojin is a member of China photography copyright association. The photograph collection “Samsara” was published by China Photographic Publishing House in October 2016. “Catch the Daily Life—Record of Era: Old City” was published on Guangming Daily on February 19, 2017.