Hehuan Mountain : Raining Landscape

PhotographerSonia Lhommet
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMarpent, France, Metropolitan
Photo Date2015/12
Technical Infof/16 ; 1/10s ; ISO 100
Entry Description

This picture was taken in Hehuan Mountain, in central Taiwan. That day, it was raining a lot. This subjective landscape is special to me because it actually looks like a traditional chinese ink wash painting : we don’t pay attention to the perspective but we do pay attention to the landscape itself and the feeling when you look at it.

About Photographer

I started taking photography classes three years ago in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Almost all my week-ends are devoted to take pictures all around the island. Thanks to Photography, I have learned a lot about my country of adoption : now I know how to appreciate simple things... It is the best gift ever !