Millennials Paving the Way for Girls to be Fierce

PhotographerPatricia Fortlage
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyPatricia Fortlage Photography
City/CountrySeattle, United States
Photo Date2016-2017
Technical InfoSony ILCE-7M2
Entry Description

This photo series represents an ongoing media project to empower teen girls. The project is titled, "Wonder, Girl!" and it highlights millennials who are paving the way for young girls to be fierce. Girls in their tween and teenage years get bombarded with messages about what is seemingly acceptable given their body types or shapes, or hair texture, gender, intelligence, aptitude for sports, music, etc. It is time for a new narrative, and these millennials are leading the charge. These are women who are bucking gender stereotypes, bucking what it means to be strong, what it means to be feminine, what it means to be emotional... not allowing themselves to be limited by stereotypes or by how others might classify them or otherwise think of them. This is The Wonder, Girl Project.

About Photographer

Patricia Fortlage began her career by studying a degree in Political Science; however, she changed her focus to Photography when she realized that change can also be effected through this medium. She is best known for her humanitarian work and travels widely. Her contributions as a humanitarian aid worker have taken her to over 45 countries, witnessing extreme poverty, unthinkable disease, violence, and destruction of life. She has also experienced beauty of spirit, resilience, optimism, faith, and a human kindness that knows no boundaries or borders. This beauty inspires her to relay those stories. Patricia is most inspired by the concept of solutions… and those willing to find solutions to some of the biggest suffering in our world today. She feels it important not only to document the need itself, but also to expand awareness, and to support (and celebrate) the worldwide efforts towards those solutions. She also finds inspiration in the refueling process… those simple breaks and beauty that allow one to keep fighting the good fight. She can often be found shooting and creating fine art abstracts, textures, and patterns, much of which you will find here today. Patricia’s work, both fine art and documentary, has been featured in exhibitions and received multiple awards both nationally and internationally. Based in Seattle, Patricia is a documentary and fine art photographer currently working on a long term project to inspire teen girls. She can be reached at or by phone at 650.393.3569.