A Place Not Far From Here

PhotographerJoel Jimenez
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyUniversidad Veritas
University/SchoolEscuela de Fotografia , Universidad Veritas
City/CountrySan Jose, Costa Rica
Photo DateJanuary-March, 2017
Technical InfoSony a77
Entry Description

"A Place Not Far From Here" is an exploration of the concept of solitude. Contemporary society is one that's always connected to something or someone else, the oversaturated environment that surrounds us emphasizes the intrinsic quality of belonging. From a personal standpoint, this is a journey to a place that inevitably leads to a vulnerable state of detachment, a quest to learn what links us to one another, while finding an answer of emptiness and seclusion.

About Photographer

The Veritas School of Photography was born in the year 2000. It's the only one in Central America that offers a university degree in this specialty. It's philosophy is to educate our students as individuals with strong technical and intellectual skills in the area of photography; an individual capable of producing photographic artwork with a strong conceptual foundation and a distinctive personal approach.