Bornholm - Baltic Beasts, bohos, and beauty

PhotographerAnders Beier
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAnders Beier
City/CountryRønne, Denmark
Photo Date2017
Entry Description

Bornholm - Baltic Beasts, Bohos and Beauty - a self published book about the food culture on a remote island in the Baltic Sea. The Island is known for great food traditions, and beautiful nature, and fantastic local food producers. The Book capture this in a unique way, Anders Beier as the photographer capture the real life, and settings for a completely new approach at food photography spiced with portraits and landscape.

About Photographer

ANDERS BEIER Well known for his lighting, detail oriented and earthly textural images, and patient problem-solving nature. Anders Beier is educated commercial photographer from Copenhagen, Denmark with strong traditions for design and minimalistic imagery. His mentor shot cosmetics and the feel, creativity, attention to detail and lighting is very persistent in Anders Beier’s current style. International clients like Hélèna Rubinstein, Christian Dior, Gio D´Armani. In his childhood, Anders was dreaming of making film, making skateboard movies, music videos on his Amiga for graphics and editing on two VHS machines. He was brought up on a small island in the middle of the baltic sea, urging for change and inspiration after highschool he was a “runner” for movie productions in Copenhagen, and wanted to attend the cinematography school, until a cinematographer sugested photography school. Only 20 students every year and with his 1 month old portfolio was accepted. Timing and talent. After 5 years of photography school he was in the States working as a commercial photographer. Longing home he started Anders Beier Photography in Copenhagen. But missing something he found the inspiration, and creativity on the small island, full circle, and proud farther of 2 girls. Returning to Bornholm. Anders Beier is very much alive here and have national as well as international customers from his studio or travelling. Together with a very talented foodstylist Sune Rasborg he wrote a book about local food, and right now the book is top 3 in gourmand worlds best photography cookbook award 2016. And Special award of the jury in Best in the World gourmand cookbook award 2017