PhotographerMok Wai Hoe
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySingapore, Singapore
Photo Date2 Jul 2017
Technical InfoCanon 5DIII, 100mm, f8, 1/100s
Entry Description

Like a creature out of a science-fiction movie, the Mimic Octopus has an uncanny talent of impersonating other animals when hunting or for defence. It has been known to impersonate intimidating predators such as the banded-sea snake, the poisonous lionfish and jellyfish. When hunting for crabs, the mimic octopus is capable of impersonating a crab to seduce a potential meal. The mimic octopus is also capable of changing its skin colour and texture to blend in with its enviornment.

About Photographer

Mok Wai Hoe is a photo enthusiast with a special interest in underwater photography and marine life. He has been placed in photography competitions, such as Ocean Geographic Photos of the Year and Our World Underwater, with his most notable accolade being the Master of Ocean Geographic Competition Wyland Award. His images have appeared in several issues of Ocean Geographic, with a special feature of "OGX Emerging Pro Wildlife Photographer" in issue 35/16. In 2015, Mok was inducted into the Ocean Artists Society.