Jokei- Nature worship, Sacred places in Japan

PhotographerEriko Kaniwa
Prize1st Place in Book(self-published) / Fine Art
City/CountryTokyo, Japan
Photo DateAll through the year 2016
Technical InfoMainly Nikon D810
Entry Description

In Buddhism, Jodo, or “Pure Lands”, refer to the sacred realms inhabited by a buddha. The title of this photo book, Jokei, (meaning “Pure Scenes”) refers to this concept.Through this, I hope to continue an experiment in visual analogy to capture how, in an era without modern technology or precise computing, our ancestors perceived the vast natural world and how they intuited, understood, and gave expression to nature’s formative energies to communicate with it, as well as uncover what kind of world it is that we are living in now, at this moment.

About Photographer

After graduating from university, Eriko Kaniwa worked as a producer at a major Tokyo television station before studying photography independently. In addition to exhibiting photographs in individual and group shows and continuing to work as a photographer, she has explored alternative education, cognitive science, depth psychology, and art communication.In 2013, she launched and carried out all photography, interviews, and setup for LUXUREARTH, a highly impactful web media project that made visible the philosophies of people working to create a more sustainable world. In 2014, she began developing a workshop program that applies the potential of photography to aesthetic education. She presented the program at domestic graduate schools, foreign-owned firms, international conferences, and think-tank-style business schools, and received positive feedback from over ninety percent of participants. Since 2016, she has refocused intensively on photography, Kaniwa is currently engaged fully in creative work.