River flooding

PhotographerMariano Cirigliano
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBuenos Aires, Argentina
Photo Date06/18/2017
Technical InfoCanon 70D
Entry Description

Forests are essential for climate regulation, to protect the soil and absorb the rainwater. In the last years, forests of north Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil suffer from an aggressive deforestation. Native vegetation is devastated in favor of intensive monoculture of soybeans. It causes the soil to lose its absorption capacity and turns rocky. The increase in rains due to climate change in combination with other factors, cause year-over-year that Uruguay River grows, affecting regional economies and daily activities with floods over all the coastal towns and cities.

About Photographer

I'm an amateur photographer since 2003. Three years ago I did commit myself to being a professional photographer by applying to the Escuela de Fotografia Creativa Andy Goldstein in Buenos Aires. My major topics are travel, people, nature and environmental journalism and street photography. I'm a music fan that rides a mountain bike in search for freedom, meaning and happiness.