Silent Kingdom

PhotographerChristian Vizl
Prize2nd Place in Nature / Underwater
City/CountryMexico City, Mexico
Photo Date02.04.17
Entry Description

The majority of humans see marine animals merely as tons of food, but I see them as so much more than that. They donĀ“t have a voice that we can understand, so the higher purpose of my images is to be a voice of the ocean and for the ocean, hoping that people can get a glimpse of who they really are, beautiful sentient individuals, with feelings and different personalities, with complex behaviors and interesting lives that science is only starting to understand. I believe Photography is capable of real service to humanity, promoting empathy and initiating change, so my main purpose as a photographer is to create poetic images showing the incredible beauty of these animals knowing they carry the power of changing our perception and spark the love and empathy that we all have inside.

About Photographer

CHRISTIAN VIZL was born in M?xico City in 1972. Has a degree in Business Administration, was formed as a Diving Instructor, Cave Diver, Rafting Guide, and Sailor. Was a member of CEDAM, a Mexican organization devoted to marine archeology, lived for a year in Germany (1993) a year in Akumal, southeast M?xico (1997) and a year in Australia (1998). He has been an enthusiast photographer since he was 15 years old, but it?s since 2010 when he starts with underwater photography and with a more professional approach.